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Asian Pride is a youth development and leadership program that provides services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. Allies and friends of LGBTQ+ identified youth are also welcome to participate. The program serves as an open, safe space for youth ages 16-24 to explore their identities while building job & life skills, and a sense of community with their peers.

The overall goal of Asian Pride is to empower youth so they can become knowledgeable, skilled, confident leaders in their community and society. Asian Pride exists to help reduce feelings of isolation among API LGBTQ+ youth. We host weekly drop-in hours at our space where participants can learn and socialize with their peers in a non-judgmental environment through various activities.

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MAP for Health changed the way I view the world and myself. I gained more motivation and confidence by practicing my presentation skills, making new friends, and becoming involved in my community. MAP also taught me life skills such as how to prepare for interviews and future jobs. I developed a better understanding of sexual health and the importance of educating others on the subject. MAP taught me that it’s OK to fight stigmas and spread awareness. I grew into a mature and responsible adult with the help of everything from MAP.
— Cynthia, Peer Coordinator 2014-2015
MAP for Health has changed the way I see myself and my community. Before MAP, I didn’t know much about the LGBTQ community. But then I learned how diverse it is —and about all the different types of people and identities that exist in it. MAP also gave me an extensive list of leadership skills that helped me advocate for the community, making me feel that much closer to it. MAP has helped me find a family that I will always remember.
— Milo, Peer Coordinator 2014-2015
Working for the Asian Pride program has been an amazing experience. When I first came to MAP, I knew practically nothing of the stigmas and struggles that faced the LGBTQ community. Now, I’ve developed so much more as a person than I ever imagined. When I first started on this path, I had one goal in place: to discover myself in order to see what lies ahead. So far, it’s been a pretty interesting journey.
— Theavin Pou, Peer Coordinator 2015-2016
I see myself now as a leader. I was a shy kid who entered the program as a participant and blossomed into a fierce leader and coordinator.
— Taqari, Peer Coordinator 2015-2016
What I took away most from the program was the sense of security and family that you feel when you’re so involved in the community. It feels like you have a whole new home away from home, and I love having MAP to rely on. It was an amazing experience that has made me want to further my work in the LGBTQ+ community, especially at MAP and in Boston
— Sami, Peer Leader 2015-2016
I’ve grown so much because of MAP. As a leader, an educator, and just as a creature on this earth. I was able to do what I love, which is creating safe spaces for lgbtq+ youth as wells as hanging out and working with my friends.
— Riot Diaz, Peer Leader 2015-2016